Hello micro pub world!

To get a premises licence to sell alcohol you first have to submit a fairly long application form, post a notice in a local newspaper and display a notice at the premises. Then you have to wait 28 days and during that time anyone can complain about the application. The pub’s 28-day period ended on 11th April and as there have been objections a hearing to decide the application’s fate will have to be convened. That hearing will be on 3rd May 2017.

Obviously it would be better if there were no objections as we would be opening later in April so at the moment the earliest possible opening date will be at the end of May.


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  1. Just walked past the premises and it’s such a shame to see it still empty. Fingers crossed for 3rd May – looking forward to that first pint in my local!

    1. Thanks for being the first to post. These things are never certain so fingers crossed. I will be posting a few more updates in the next few days but the big day will be the third.

  2. Good luck with your venture. This has to be a bonus for Walton, it is lacking in this socia area. I look forward to having a pint there. Chance to make new local friends surely.

    1. Thanks Rob. It will be nice to have a pint with you. I have to say everyone who has spoken to me about the project seem very nice and approachable so there’s every chance to make new friends.

  3. The first I heard of your project was today as I walked past and saw your notice on the window. You have my full support, and I very much look forward to wandering down for an opening-day pint! Good luck!

  4. Did the hearing go ahead on the 3rd of May? I’ve been wondering how it went and have been hoping to see some progress in the unit, and keep popping back here to see if theres any additions to your blog. Hope it’s good news soon!

    1. Thanks for posting. The hearing was adjourned to allow further comments after the police and council withdrew their reps. The new date is Wednesday 24 May at 2pm. So nothing much happening until then. Sorry that its dragging on but only a week or so to go! Regards

  5. 24th of May now? Oh dear, I thought I read here that the meeting on the 2nd was then adjourned till 10th May at 10am? (think it was on the blog page entitled ‘an anticlimax’.
    Went by today and saw ‘to let’ signs removed, and was hoping it was good news by now for you!

  6. We’ve been following the progress of your venture with interest and were pleased to read as we passed today that you now have the go-ahead. We look forward to sampling very soon!

    1. Hopefully wont be too long. End of June. Have a better idea when my builder gets home from holiday. I will keep everyone updated from the web site.
      Thanks for your support

  7. Hi,
    Looking forward to visiting our new micro pub when it opens!
    Just wondering if you plan on being dog friendly, we often pass Walton shops on our nightly dog walk…

    1. Definitely. I am sourcing a dog bowl and may be some other goodies. Hoping to open towards the end of June. See you then

  8. Good evening!
    I spoke to two gents in the premises when I passed late this afternoon! I repeat my comments to them – I’m looking forward to the micro pub opening, hoping it will create a much-needed “social hub” for Walton!
    How lovely to have somewhere local for Walton residents to meet and socialise – and enjoy a pint or a glass of wine, of course!
    Best wishes for the venture and here’s to an imminent opening!
    Lynne H

  9. Dates on the notices telling us when you posted the information would be very helpful. We might then be able to follow any progress.

  10. just walked past after watching the cycle event today
    great news you are opening soon I only live 400 metres away
    I wish you all the success and well done for getting planning
    and will look forward to having glass when you are open

    1. Thanks for your support. I do have a couple of posts for this site if time permits this weekend. I think a new notice on the shop window will also keep passers by updated. So stand by!!

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