The Final Update

Sorry for being lax with the updates but been very busy getting the pub ready.

Yesterday we had a family and friends get together to iron out any glitches. There were a few and hopefully they will be sorted before opening day.

As for the opening day I can proudly announce that it will 11am on Wednesday 26th July, the day after tomorrow. Closing time will be at 9pm. Thursday and Friday we will open at 4pm until 9pm. Saturday 11am to 9pm and Sunday 11am to 7pm.

Hopefully we will get into a rhythm with the opening times as soon as possible but bear with us. No two days will be the same for the first couple of weeks.

If you have any suggestions please let us know. Its not the finished article and improvements will be happening on a daily basis.

So hopefully see you sometime this week.

Bye for now.

Help Wanted

I am looking for help running the pub and if you have experience in pulling a pint and keeping good order I would like to hear from you.

It wouldn’t be full time as I will be down there as much as possible but just cover for when I am at my day job or playing cricket in the summer.

Send me your name and contact details and I will be in touch.


Will it Ever Open?

The short answer is yes. Obviously!

As an update I have stripped out a huge stainless steel cooker hood, reduced the dividing stud wall, stripped and cleared away a huge number of tiles and generally made the place ready for all the people who can actually turn my ideas into reality.

Tony at Chesterfield Property Services has done a very professional job of creating stud walls for the cellar room, bricking up a vent access, closing the main chimney access and tiling over a drain. I can highly recommend Tony if you need any work doing.

Paul Cox, local to Walton has done the first fix of electrics and again his work has been great. Once the second fix is complete and all the lights and sockets work we will know how great.

On Monday the plasterer will be in for three days and that’s when the big transformation will take place. The cellar room which isn’t in the cellar will take shape and the walls will be transformed from greasy breeze block to something a whole lot better.

Then we can build the bar area. I have signed up my bar equipment installation man and then it will be a case of cleaning painting and bringing in some furniture.

If all goes to plan the opening will be at the end of June or the beginning of July.

Keep calling back and I hope to post regular updates as the big day approaches. See you soon.

The Nice People of Walton

Well I would say so! Whilst I have been working down at the pub many people have called in to ask how things are going, offering support and how excited they are for it to open. One day a lady called in to profusely apologise for adding her name to the planning petition. She said it was a knee jerk reaction whilst being caught on the hop as it were. Anyway she said she was sorry and looked forward to the opening night. The good people at OneStop brought round a couple of mugs of tea one afternoon – they were very welcome. So the thought of having a pub on the estate appears to be bringing out the best in people. So cheers to the people of Walton.

I Baptise this pub ……..

It is hereby announced that the full title of the pub is the …………………….

The Walton Dam Nation

Hope you like it?

And just in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick was purchased as a domain name on 6 November 2016

Was it a Yes or a No?

Well I am glad to say it was a YESSSSS.

There was compromise on times so most people should be satisfied.

I did think about having a celebratory opening this weekend but it would have been difficult to organise properly. I wanted to get off on the right foot and do it properly so we will have to wait for a few more weeks.

Standby for the unveiling of the pub name.

A Week to Go

D-day is now Wednesday 24th May at 2pm. The hearing will be reconvened and there is no reason to believe that a decision won’t be made on that date. I will update this site once the decision is made. Fingers crossed.

Lights, Camera and a bit of Action

The big news for today is that the electricity has been re-connected. So now we have lights. Our electrician came later and was happy with the general state of the circuits but he will come back next week for a scientific safety check. The electrician was quickly followed by the plumbers who checked the hot water boiler. All is well and they have issued a safety certificate. As noticed by BobbyC the to-let sign has been taken down. I have cleaned the windows so the front looks quite spick and span. So perhaps there has been quite a lot of action today.

An Anticlimax

The hearing went ahead today as scheduled at 2pm. By half past it was all over – for today.

The committee members wanted to allow other parties to the hearing time to comment on the police and licensing authorities agreement to an improved set over licence conditions.

The result was that the matter was adjourned until 10am on Wednesday 10th May.

So all in all a bit of an anti climax. See you next week on the same bat channel for another thrilling instalment.

Personal Licence Arrives

Every premises that wishes to sell alcohol must have a premises licence and a designated premises supervisor (aka DPS). The DPS must have a personal licence. As I intend to be the DPS I could not apply for a personal licence until I had first attended a licensing course and passed the exam. Then I had to get a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate – no convictions recorded!

Then forward these certificates with the application forms and passport sized photos and a cheque for £37 to Chesterfield Borough Council.

So within a few days of submitting the application I am now in possession of a personal licence authorising me to sell alcohol.