About Us

Walton Micro Pubs is the business behind the micro pub development on Breckland Way, Walton, Chesterfield.

The first steps in this project, would you believe it, were taken in October last year. On a wave of enthusiasm various relations thought the pub would open by Christmas. Well it wasn’t until the new year that the planning application was submitted and which prompted a whole host of objections.

Efforts were made to speak to those householders closest to the premises. The majority were polite, interested but still against, one had the potential to be a customer and one refused to even open the door.

Then a 160+ signature petition was sent to the council. Although there were quite a few locally resident objectors it was difficult to understand why anyone living at the bottom end of Brampton, deepest Boythorpe and most intriguing  of all, Stoke-on-Trent would have any interest in whats happening at Walton! The most ironic signature, allegedly, came from a parent of one of the children using the site as a skate board park. And apparently a pub will make the anti-social behaviour worse.

With all the concern raised by residents to the planning consent application the matter was put before the planning committee for decision. On the day of the hearing the town hall was ringed with fencing to prevent the people of Stoke-on-Trent from venting their full anger against the project. Door staff were posted on every entrance and police riot vans were in the vicinity – only joking! The meeting room had a population of four – me, two people interested in a planning application on St Mary’s Gate and one other. Half way through the meeting the crowd was bolstered by a little old lady coming in out of the cold.

I had five minutes to state my case and then left it to the councillors to make the decision. They appeared to carry out their duties quite diligently and eventually decided by a sizeable majority to approve the application. One hurdle down but more to be negotiated.

The one big bonus for all this heart ache is the support of local people who think a micro pub facility will do a lot for the estate which is sadly lacking in the facilities department. Can I give a big thanks to all those people who posted their support and words of encouragement.

The story of the progress of the Walton pub (with no name) still rumbles on some 6 months after the idea was mooted. This site is my blog of the various events as they lead up to the big day (should it ever arrive).